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Tactus Supply Chain, Sourcing
and Asset Management Services

Tactus Supply Chain Services. Tactus Asset Management.

Tactus are a globally recognised consumer technology solutions provider. Founded in 2012 Tactus has always focused on bringing extra to the ordinary - All of our products have an innovative design twist to enhance our customers lives so they can worry less and live more - safe in the knowledge that they can protect their mobile world!

At our core we have a passion for pushing the boundaries of technology, design and innovation and this is also visible through our 8K Extreme and Flexwarm Europe brands.

Our passion and comprehensive knowledge of our market sectors has also enabled Tactus to nurture and grow an extensive portfolio of unique B2B services including Supply Chain Services & Asset Management.

Our asset management team proactively supports some of our key partners with overstocks and returns and these strong business relationships enable us to have unrivalled access to fantastic deals on clearance lines to support our customers core business requirements.

By utilising our companies strong presence in China we can support distributors and retail brands with effective sourcing and supply to meet their customers needs. We can source anything from tech accessories such as VR peripherals and power banks; to cables and hardware at some of the most competitive prices on the market.

We never shy away from non-tech products and have been known to source whatever is required to meet our clients needs from branded protein shakers to high end furniture.

With an experienced in house design team we also have the ability to personalise any of our products with both bespoke packaging and/or the design of the products themselves. We can even offer a full branding, marketing and design service where required to make each client experience unique. This has been hugely successful in the travel industry, sports industry and with many large leading retailers.

Microsoft Certified PartnerPCR Awards 2017 - Tactus are finalists


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Key Clients of Tactus

Some of our key supply chain partners include;

Supply all tech products that are retailed through
Virgin Trains in support of their Beam programme (On train entertainment)

Supply of AJ branded tech products, handling and promotion of all AJ merchandising, supply of POP and Pop Up stores for arena’s and retail placements.

Various items sourced for both mobile retail and B2B from John Lewis to HMRC.

We have supported Staples with their £12m of inventory by managing overstocks and returns.