5 Amazing Accessories For Your Smartphone

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Just when you think your smartphone can do everything, incredible accessories are created to make them even better. We’ve found five amazing accessories to make you fall in love with your smartphone again, from fishing accessories to solar charging.

Automatic Pro

Sooner or later you are probably going to have some car trouble. Instead of an expensive trip to the mechanic consider in investing in the Automatic Pro which plugs into your car’s ODB-II port (usually located under the steering wheel) to turn your car into a connected car that talks to your smartphone. It works with most cars manufactured after 1996 and either an iPhone (iOS 9 or higher) or an Android smartphone (Android 5.0 or higher).

And when it’s not diagnosing mechanical issues, it can update you with regular reports and let you know where your car is in the car park, even when you’re out of Bluetooth range. If Automatic detects your car has been in an accident, the company will contact you and call emergency services if necessary.

Price: £129.95


This is probably the most surprising find out of the bunch as its common sense to leave smartphones as far away from water as possible. However the iBobber will soon become your fishing best friend in no time.

The small, spherical device works as a fish-finding sonar in both salt and fresh water, helping you locate fish up to 135 feet under the surface. Attach it to a fishing line and cast it where you want to fish; it turns on automatically upon hitting the water. Compatible with iOS and android devices it’s available to all.

Price: £89.99

Mad Catz Gaming Controller

If you are into gaming and the games you love have controller support, then a gamepad is well worth the price. For all the iPhone users, the Mad Catz controller is the best on the market and for the most resaonably priced. The controller is the perfect size to fit in your bag and take with you everywhere and it’s fast response and solid build makes you fall back in love with iOS games.


Smartphone Solar Charger

Being without charge in your smartphone is deemed one of the most annoying things that can happen to you. With this solar powered charging bank you will never be without charge or worry about charging your power bank up again.


Olive One Home Media Player

Although pricey, we’ve left the best till last. The Olive ONE home media player lets you play music from your smartphone, Mac, or PC. The player itself also has a touchscreen interface, for times when you don’t wan to use your phone. The Olive ONE is designed to have high-end audio quality, and has been constructed from fine-grade aluminum and glass materials. Simply connect the ONE to your amplifier, and you can start enjoying all your favorite media.


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