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What is a 360 camera – 360 cameras are cameras through which you can record the world as you see it in 360°. This means the camera captures video from up to down and left to right. You can also snap cool spherical photos.  These Eyeball-shaped cameras (often two wide-angle lenses) record all 360° scenes through multiple lenses. The cameras will automatically stitch the two images to give you a spherical image. Here are six secrets about 360 cameras:

  1. 360 Cameras Are Built For YouTube and Facebook – YouTube and Facebook are the number one target for 360 cameras, and uploading their creations with it is super simple. You may also see 360 videos pop on your Facebook news feed. These videos are docketed with a 360 logos and simple instructions on how to view from different angles.

You can even live stream your 360 records on YouTube from Pique 360. Also, you can do this in 4K resolution. ‘4K streaming of 360 videos can truly transport you,     said YouTube. The Pique 360 also comes complete with Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can control the camera and view your pictures and videos in real time from your smartphone or tablet!

  1. They can work without a VR headset – For real, the videos still look cool. On a personal computer, you can see things from different points of view by dragging the screen with your mouse. On a smartphone, it’s even easier. Tilt the phone in one direction and then in the other and the footage will move accordingly.
  2. All 360 Cameras Are Not The Same – They differ in their features, and the cost depends very much on them. Some, like the Pique 360 is very handy. The Pique 360 is ideal for people who want to capture interesting pictures at the press of a button. Then there are tough, waterproof models for adventurous type who stray from the beaten track.
  3. They Work with Your Phone – Smartphone apps is at the heart of many of these Dash cam cameras. Take the Pique 360 that connects wirelessly to your phone via Bluetooth and works with the Samsung Galaxy TAB A 10.1 AND TAB 7.0, and also the latest iPhones. With the Pique 360, you can view videos shot on the camera and also remotely shoot video using the app as a shutter button. You can use the app to share content on Facebook and YouTube.
  4. Costs Vary – If you are a novice who is starting to take the first step in 360 cameras, the Pique 360 camera is a good choice of £ 199. The bundle also comes fully equipped with a Portable VR Headset, Tripod Stick, Camera Mount and USB Cable, so you have everything you need to capture amazing 360 photos and videos straight out of the box!
  5. What About Resolution – Again, this is different depending on the spy pen camera you decide upon. 360 cameras such as Pique 360 have a picture resolution of picture resolution of 3008 x 1504 and video resolution of 1920×960 HD (30fps). The Samsung Galaxy can shoot footage in HD. This resolution is increasingly common on new TVs, is four times sharper than full HD.

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