The World Mobile Congress is back once again in Barcelona showcasing all of the new gadgets to be unveiled and, this year it’s some golden oldies making a come back.

Although not on the same scale as CES, the World Mobile Congress is still one of the biggest tech events of the year with people from 200 different countries attending last years event.

We take a look at some of the biggest announcements of the event:


One of the most surprising announcements was the re-launch of a classic Nokia Device, the 3310, which has been lovingly refered to as the brick due to it’s unbreakable exterior.The device which will be on sale later this year will retail at £41 and is already set to be a best seller once again. The phone is being marketed as an emergency or weekend phone which is perfect for all the summer festivals coming up.


Another brand from the past has made a splash at the MWC this year with BlackBerry  licensing its name and appearance to Chinese company TCL Communications. The result is the new BlackBerry KeyOne.

The new device, which will run Google’s Android operating system, features both the touch-response screen of a modern smartphone and a keyboard – similar to that of Blackberrys best selling classic flagship phone.


After the sucess of the P9’s dual-lens rear camera, their latest device features an upgraded camera with 12 MP colour sensor designed to capture detailed facial features

The P10 has a slim metal body finish and rounded edges.As with most other smartphones, the P10 comes in two different sizes. As well as the standard version, Huawei has unveiled the P10+ with a larger display.


The LG G6 has been running through the rumour mill for quite a while now so it wasn’t that much of a surprise when it was finally unveiled at the event. The main selling point of the new handset is its incredible display, which offers an ultra wide-screen aspect ratio and cinematic viewing experience.

The LG G6 is a plus-sized device with a 5.7-inch display and an aluminium and glass body. Featuring dual 13MP rear cameras and a wide angle lens, it allows users to capture amazing panoramic shots. It also has no camera bump which will please everyone in the universe.

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