One of the biggest announcements of the night at the Mobile World Congress was an old classic being reborn. After being phased out in 2005, the Nokia 3310 is back on the shelves 17 years after it’s original release.

The device which will be on sale later this year will retail at £41 and is already set to be a best seller once again. The phone is being marketed as an emergency or weekend phone which is perfect for all the summer festivals coming up.

Although strikingly similar to the original design, the updated 3310  is smaller, thinner and lighter and has a colour screen. It will also hopefully be indestructible like the original device and be available in Red, yellow, blue and grey. 

Probably the most mind blowing thing about the 3310 is that the battery will last for an entire month. Which means no more worrying about charging your phone at night or even taking your charger with you on trips away!

And the final icing on the cake is that a new and improved version of snake will be on the device!


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