The Coolest Tech Accessories at MWC 2017

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Giroptic iO

Paired with the Giroptic iOS app it enables you to shoot 360-degree videos, photos, and live streams. It has a Lightning connector built in and clips snugly onto the end of your iPhone. There are also stereo microphones built in to capture audio. It also has it’s own battery which mean it won’t drain your iPhone battery.  won’t kill your iPhone battery. The Giroptic iO is available to purchase now for £250.


A bit of an odd find, but this bluetooth button with a fingerprint sensor built into it allows you to assign different apps and functions to specific fingerprints and even different parts of your finger. That means you can, for example, set it up so the tip of your index finger launches your music app, the middle turns the volume up, and the bottom part of your finger turns it down. It’s a smart alternative application for biometric technology. Tapdo launches on Kickstarter in March and will cost around £100.

Samsung Gear VR controller

Although you can already use game pads when playing some Gear VR games, none of those controllers were actually designed specifically for a virtual-reality experience. That makes Samsung’s  Gear VR controller truly one of a kind.The controller has a circular touchpad, along with some volume and navigation controls, and a trigger on the back that’s perfect for action games.

Xperia Touch Projector

Although this projector has been shown off for nearly a year now, the summer release date is nearly in sight so it’s definitely worth a mention.With the Xperia Touch, any flat surface can become an interactive touch screen. Sony’s projector can create a 23-inch capacitive touch screen that has built-in gesture functionality. You can beam your favorite Android apps onto any surface to watch movies, play games and hold video chats wherever it happens to be convenient.

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