Why The Samsung Gear Circle Never Took Off

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The samsung Gear Circle Headphones were released in 2014 at the same time as Gear VR and the Note 4. The wireless bluetooth headphones had rave reviews upon release but that soon took a turn for the worse when people started to regularly use their device and noticed unfixable problems. We explore the main issues users faced with the product

Samsung was looking to create a headset which fits around the neck comfortably whether you are running a marathon or sitting down at your desk. The main difference between the Gear circle and other wireless headphones is that the central battery is placed at the back of your neck. The headset also comes with three different sized plastic neck fittings to secure the unit whilst taking place in any physical activity.

The headphones are lightweight and adequately comfortable to wear whilst sat down however the battery unit pressing at the back of your head is a constant reminder that you are wearing headphones and therefore might as well be better using a normal pair of earphones. However although the headphones are made of plastic, the slick chrome colour makes it look like an expensive aluminum set of headphones, rather than cheap plastic device.

In terms of sound quality the headset offers an expected range but nothing groundbreaking or out of the ordinary. A main issue that users reported was that the earbud cover greatly affected the sound quality of the headphones, often leaving it sounding muffled. Another issue was pairing it to another device, which you have to do as it is a bluetooth headset. Many users reported that once the Gear Circle disconnected from their device that they struggled to connect it back up again. Samsung had no reported fix for this.

In addition to this, the Gear Circle doesn’t cease playback once set in the necklace mode, leaving you to be able to listen to music from under your chin. The touch-based volume slider was the saving grace to the headphones which was used to swipe-up (to increase volume) or a swipe down (to decrease the volume.)  

The battery time has also been questioned by users as Samsung stated that it should last up to 9 hours of music playback. However according to users this figure averaged at about 5-6 hours rather than the 9 that Samsung claimed. However, the headset reaches full charge quickly via microUSB in just under an hour.

Overall, the Gear Circle is a below average bluetooth headset that offers a novel experience, decent sound quality, and stylish design. Samsung made some dire flaws in the design of the product and didn’t manage to fix any of the issues that users brought up leading to the eventual demise of the product in 2016. The Gear Circle is a great buy for a tech enthusiast  but falls short of being an essential purchase for any normal consumer.

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