Stop using your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 now!

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This is the best weekend in our lives

The very latest news on the Note 7 controversy  

Well it’s not been a great few weeks for the South Korean smartphone manufacturing giant Samsung. Here is the latest update on what’s happened and guidance on what to do if you have been affected by  an internally combusting Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Why is my phone setting on fire?

It’s a reasonable question to ask – and although the full reason is still something of a mystery suspicion seems to be building around its lithium ion battery packs – they are ultra powerful but also contain a super flammable liquid – so you can see a recipe for disaster.

Obviously this has resulted in hundreds of internet jokes. Our personal favourite being the GTA 5 mod that lets you use Samsung’s exploding phone as a grenade.


Can’t they just replace the batteries or phones?

They tried that! – they started setting on fire too!

But there are always stories like this when a new phone comes out – won’t it blow over?

Not this time! It’s safe to say that when the manufacturer has released a statement saying that we have permanently discontinued production of the device’  it’s time to give it up and return the product or run the risk of owning what is essentially a the world’s most advanced match.

Do I REALLY have to return the phone?

There is just no convincing some people is there? If you don’t believe us then here it is straight from the tech giant’s mouth – or as it’s otherwise known official website


I’m convinced – what should i do now?

Firstly, stop using your device, backup your data, and switch off your phone (just as soon as you have finished reading this article in full) – unless of course you are a pyromaniac!

Then wait for your fire proof box to arrive!

Yes that’s right – a fireproof box!  These phones are deemed to be so dangerous that Samsung are in the process of sending out fireproof boxes to anyone who bought a Note7 from their website. The Note 7 ‘Survival Kits’ will include free shipping and also comes with: protective bag, gloves, and a thermally insulated box.



And then can return it by good old Royal Mail?

Good Lord No! Royal Mail won’t touch them with a barge pole and has already banned delivery of the phones so you will have to use a an alternative delivery service. If you have purchased your Note7 from  a mobile carrier then you should visit their websites for recall instructions and guidance on what to do next

So I take it this hasn’t gone well down at Samsung HQ?

Erm, you could say that. The whole sorry affair has been a global PR Disaster and the latest figures suggest that 19 billion has been wiped off that companies value. So we can imagine Mr Samsung is not a happy bunny at the moment is frantically trying to figure out how to turn things around while over in San Francisco Apple will be dancing in the streets as phone users look to their products as a viable alternative.

But look on the bright side – It will give you the excuse you needed to buy an iPhone 7 and a Tactus phone case that you wanted to go with it.


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