The 5 Main Reasons Google Glass Failed

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Google glass was a revolutionary product at the time of it’s release in 2013 with everyone from Prince Charles, to Raj from The Big Bang Theory rocking a pair. The initial concept was brilliant however development was slow and full of bugs which lead to the eventual demise of Google Glass in 2016, just a mere three years after it’s release. We explore the main reasons why Google Glass failed.

Benefits aren’t Clear

The main reason that consumers purchase expensive tech products is that is solves a problem or helps you complete a task quicker or easier, Google Glass never made it clear what problem it was solving for the consumer. Early tech adopters were quick to get their hands on it as it was the hot new product but for the majority of consumers, they need a defined purpose to see it as a rational purchase.
Another reason why people weren’t quick to warm to Google Glass is that it wasn’t necessarily a cool thing. Not many people would feel comfortable walking around in public seemingly speaking to themselves and saying things like ‘’OK Google’’ or ‘’Take a picture’’ which naturally would unnerve most passers by.

Greg Swan uses Google Glass to view a headshot of himself, Thursday, October 24, 2013. Swan and is among a variety of first adopters using the high-tech eyewear. Swan is notable for using them pretty much all the time, including at his job at Weber Shandwick in Bloomington, where he was photographed. (Pioneer Press: Chris Polydoroff)

Bad Press

The original version of Google Glass was exclusively sold to Google Glass ‘’Explorers’’ who had to pay an incredible $1,500 to get a pair. Due to the price tag the explorers were mainly Tech CEO’s and journalists who had the power to share their mostly negative opinions on the Google Glass through blogging, events and social media. As it was quite exclusive to own a pair of Google Glasses the hype and excitement was high for all who managed to bag a pair, and the underwhelming experience of using such an expensive product was a massive disappointment.

Security and Health

Even before the product officially launched there were concerns as to how safe and secure Google Glass is for continuous use throughout the day due due to radiation being emitted so close to someone’s face and brain. While other mobile devices also emit dangerous radiation, they aren’t in direct contact with your skin all the time like Google Glass is.

Alongside this are privacy concerns. Google Glass has the capabilities to take photos or record anything at any time. This means that the person sat next to you at a restaurant or even just walking next to you could have footage of you on their device. Another problem with Google Glass is the capability it has to illegal film movies in cinemas which lead to the device being prohibited in a lot of Cinemas in America. The device was also banned it Casinos as the managers didn’t approve of people being constantly recorded and that it could increase illegal activity.

The Google Glass is a great idea but in the wrong hands could easily be exploited.

Fashion – Or Lack of

No matter how many celebrities wore the glasses on the red carpets or at big tech events, they were still aesthetically unappealing to the masses. Usually when celebrities wear a certain brand of tech they make it cool and fashionable regardless of how dire the product is, but even that didn’t work with Google Glass. This again comes back to the main reason that it didn’t succeed, Google Glass wasn’t making life any easier for anyone.

Poor Quality Product

The Google Glass faced many issues in the first 18 months of it’s release with many users stating that the product was unusable due to the constant errors and bugs they experienced. The main problem users experienced was the lack of updates that it so desperatley needed.  Most people still classed it as a proto-type product due to the amount of issues that users faced everytime they tried to use it.

As Google Glass ceased production in 2015, the last known price of the product was officially $1,500 which is an outrageous amount of money for a product that has more negatives than positives including: poor battery life, limited apps, and many security issues.

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