A little birdie asked me recently how they could turn 3G off on their iPhone 5. I was gobsmacked, of course, isn’t the iPhone supposed to be simple to use?

If you are a new iPhone customer then you will still be getting your head around all of the things your new smartphone can do. The person who asked me how to turn 3G off on iPhone 5 was a new customer, so it inspired me to write this post.

In order to make full use of your iPhone, you need to be connected to the internet.

Your iPhone connects to the internet through one of two ways – WiFi or a mobile network – depending on what connection is available. When connected to one or the other, though, there’s no need to have both connections turned on.

In fact, leaving these settings on will reduce your battery life and with 4G / 3G in mind, you could further eat into your data limit leading to unexpected bills.

Here is a nice simple guide on how to turn 3G off on your iPhone.


1. From the home screen tap the settings app

In order to access the settings needed to turn 3G off you need to access the main settings menu. To do this, from your home screen, tap the settings app.


2. Select ‘general’ within the settings app

Once you have opened up the settings app you will need to select ‘general’.


3. Select ‘mobile data’ within the general settings

Once you have selected general you will need to click mobile data in order to access the settings for mobile connections. For our US visitors, ’mobile data’ reads ‘cellular’.


4. This will open up all the settings to your mobile connections

Once you are within the mobile data section of your iPhone you will have access to all of the settings you need turn 3G, Edge or LTE off. Depending on your network and iPhone this may be a combination of each.

If you are out of the house or not in range of a WiFi network you’ll need to turn 3G / LTE back on to connect to the internet. To do so, repeat this process however toggle the mobile data, 3G and LTE buttons to on.


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