The Most Unbreakable Phones Ever Made

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The Most Unbreakable Phones Ever Made

We love our phones, but let’s admit it, many of them aren’t the most unbreakable phones in the world (unless you’re using some Tactus tough stuff).

Remember when you’d throw your phone across the room because you lost your combo on snake? You’d throw it like a brick, but that’s just what it was; an indestructible brick that could survive anything. You’d be sure that when you picked up that fantactstic little feat of tech there would only be a dint in the wall…not the phone.

SO…here’s a quick nostalgic throwback at old phones which were near enough bombproof, I wonder if you guys have one of these lying around!


Nokia 3310


Okay, let’s dive in with the obvious – the entire internet has picked up on the fact the Nokia 3310 is near enough indestructible…it even has it’s very own meme. Many of us reminisce over these 90’s brick phones; it was loaded with snake, a black and white pixel screen and a truly un-drainable battery. Some say that if you haven’t charged your Nokia 3310 since it was last used in the 90’s, it will still have 95.3% battery life left.




 Motorola DynaTac 8000s


Motorola proudly brought us the very first mobile phone, so we have to thank them for a lot – but at the same time, these 80’s monsters are a far cry from a smooth, sleek iPhone 7! Look at that beautiful grey plastic casing, isn’t it lovely? (ok, I’m lying.)

Just breathe a sigh of relief that you weren’t a 70’s or early 80’s fan, because then you might have had the 1.3 kilogram first version of the Motorola Dynatec, which wouldn’t just be unbreakable, it would also be the equivalent of carrying around a club. You’d need to build those arm muscles before you could take a selfie with this one.


Nokia 5110


If the Nokia 3310 was indestructible, then I think its older brother the 5110 might be able to survive a nuclear attack just as well as a cockroach. It was one of the very first phones to feature the game Snake, and it was also one of the first phones where you could change the cover and customise to your heart’s desire – as long as your heart desired a primary coloured plastic faceplate – but it was a start! I wish I could have tried one of these out, but I think I was just a little sapling back then.




So, do you wish we went back to retro indestructible phones? Or do you love your fragile but functional smartphone? Let us know!

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