Frequently Asked Questions

We have lots of different clever products at Tactus and we get many questions about them. If you have a question for us, check whether it’s been covered below. If not, we’d love to hear from you on our Contact Us page.

The Smootch Case

Does the smootch case stick to all surfaces?
The Smootch works best with flat and smooth surfaces such as glass, wood, marble, tile, and metal surfaces. Please ensure the surface is clean before using.

Is the Smootch case sticky?
The case isn’t sticky but when you receive the case it has a clear sheet of plastic over the top of the case to protect it from dirt and dust. Please remove this before using.

What if my case gets dirty?
If your Smootch case gets dirty you can simply remove it from the phone and rinse it under water to clean it.

I’ve noticed quite a few of your products are tested to US Department of Defence standards. What does military-grade impact testing involve?
The cases are put through a series of drops onto hard surfaces from varying heights. To pass, our tablet and smartphone cases must preserve the device’s full functionality with no damage to the screen or any of the buttons.

If I buy one of your military-grade tested products, does that mean my device is unbreakable?
While our military tested cases provide fantastic protection most of the time, there are no cast iron guarantees. The impact test covers drops from a maximum of two meters (six foot six inches) so there’s a chance your device could break if the drop is higher than this or if it lands at a funny angle.

Do your cases fit with tempered glass screen protectors?
Yes – all our iPhone and iPad cases will fit snugly round devices with the Vitrifender, which is 4mm thin.

Where can I buy Tactus products?
You can buy our full range of tablet and smartphone cases and protectors here. Alternatively, visit our Stockists page to find Tactus products at a store near you.

Can you personalise my iPad or iPhone case?
Yes! We can make custom iPhone and iPad cases on request. We can engrave your name, a company logo, a personal message or anything else you’d like on many of our cases. Visit our Personalisation page to find out more.

Can the Vitrifender iPhone screen protector be applied more than once?
We wouldn’t recommend removing and reapplying your Vitrifender, as dust and debris can get underneath the screen protector, reducing its adhesive qualities.

If I drop my phone or tablet with a Vitrifender screen protector on, will it be protected?
Your screen should be protected, however we would recommend doubling up with a case as well to protect the rest of it.