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The case

This case with built in pliable rubber protects your iPhone from knocks and scratches, as well as making it pretty darn tricky for your phone to slip out of your hand.


Dimensions 68 (w) x 140 (h) x 10 mm (d)
Weight 90gms


Warranty 1 year


The microsuction technology

The Smootch protective case for iPhone 6 uses microsuction technology to create a vacuum, sticking your phone to smooth surfaces such as mirrors and glass. That makes it the ultimate accessory for selfies and more besides – the only limit is your imagination. There’s no glue involved, so you’ll never find any sticky stuff on your smartphone or the surface you put your Smootch on, making it 100% removable and reusable, again and again. Our Green  Microsuction Selfie Case is perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their selfie skills.



Tactus in action

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