The tempered glass

Our strong little Vitrifender is crafted from a single sliver of Japanese Asahi tempered glass (fancy!) so it defends the most important bit of your iPhone 7 Plus (the screen) without affecting its looks or performance one bit.


Dimensions (h) 155 x (w) 74 x (d) 1
Weight 15 g


The Oleophobic* coating

And did we mention it can withstand the blow of a hammer? That’s right, if you have a Vitrifender on your iPhone it’s possible to hit it with a hammer without smashing the screen underneath - although we wouldn’t recommend it. Its special oleophobic* coating means you could even hand a brand new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus to sticky fingered children or your mate who’s been eating chips, without worrying about greasy finger marks.

*that’s a posh word meaning it repels oil and grease



Tactus in action

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  • Great customer service
    By Neil 19/10/2016
    I received my Vitrifender and struggled to apply it so I got in touch with Tactus who then called me up and talked me through how to do it! Never known a company like it, will be purchasing again, special thanks to the Tactus Team, Neil.
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