Book-style Case

The Green and Yellow Buckuva iPad Mini case gives your tablet the timeless look and feel of a leather-bound book, while offering lightweight but robust protection. This well-read iPad case grips the contours of your tablet to shield its vulnerable areas, especially those pesky corners, while its colour contrast lining gently protects the screen.


The Materials

The soft faux-leather finish not only looks sophisticated, it also provides a non-slip surface for extra grip and stability – gone are the days of your iPad accidentally slipping out of your hands. Its rigid inner tray doubles as a built-in viewing stand, so if you’re reading a book, watching a film or getting comfortable while browsing, you’re sure to find an angle that suits you.

Size 143 (w) x 203 (h) x 12 (d)
Weight 181


Tactus in action

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  • Decent case!
    By Matt Hardy 29/09/2016
    This is a really nice case. Has a solid feel that will give good protection to the iPad. It has the smart on off feature when opening and closing and can be propped up if needed. - some reviews state that it does not stay up when propped up but I have had no problems at all. Purchased another in purple for the wife.
  • Brilliant for the kids!
    By Ciara 14/09/2016
    I bought this case along with the iPad for one of my youngest children and he absolutely loves it! It protects very well and is also a very nice vibrant colour, it makes a perfect stand when watching films, too!
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